Semi-Hydro Getting Stared Guide

Getting Started Guide:

If this is your first time to try semi-hydroponics, we recommend starting with propagation. First, develop roots by soaking a cutting with a viable node in water for one to two weeks. Once your cutting is successfully rooted, you can start planting it in LECA in the slotted orchid pot.

Nutrient Solution:
Shake the Blue Butterfly well. Use the dropper to measure 1 ML. Put the 1 ML in one gallon of water. Watch the video below:

Treat the LECA like you would soil, rinsing and soaking isn't necessary, but it is preferred to reduce dust.

Avoid using tap water— it contains elements that might be harmful to plants, including chemicals, heavy metals, and harsh minerals. For best results, we recommend using distilled or reverse osmosis water. We also advise adjusting the water’s pH to about 5.5 to 6 if you have the chemicals and equipment, although this is not necessary. Always water with nutrient waterLECA is inorganic and does not contain nutrients that the plant needs to survive.

Once your cutting has at least one inch of water root, it’s ready to be planted.


Planting your rooted cutting in LECA: 

  • Fill the bottom of the slotted pot with two layers of LECA
  • Carefully suspend the plant’s roots inside the slotted pot by holding the stem, and fill around the roots with LECA until the slotted pot is filled
  • Place the slotted pot and planted cutting inside the glass jar
  • If the plant is not secure, consider growing the roots more before planting, or provide a support for the plant
  • Water the LECA slowly and evenly with the nutrient water you made previously
  • Fill the jar until only the bottom one inch of the slotted pot is submergedthe LECA will wick this liquid many layers upward, providing water, nutrients, and dissolved oxygen to all of the plants roots
  • Maintain the nutrient water level in the jar by refilling once the level drops below the slotted pot

Try a plant that's already established in LECA! 



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