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Variegated Plants

Hello, Hydro

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A LECA Planting Workshop by Inna, hosted by Iron Rose Plant Shop.

Each ticket admits you to a two hour workshop with the owner of Variegated Plants Shop, a soil-free indoor plant nursery located in Las Vegas, to learn the basics of caring for a plant in semi-hydroponics. We will transition a plant from soil to LECA, live, and answer all your questions while doing it!

-Included in this ticket is Inna's Planter Kit, everything you need to get started with LECA and semi-hydroponics!

Each Planter Kit includes:

(1) Bag of Substrate (LECA or Inna's Mix)

(2) 4" Self-watering Pot (w/ cotton wick)

(1) 8Oz Key Grow Solutions' Blue Butterfly

(1) Getting Started Guide

(1) Dropper

-A rooted cutting to plant in one of your self-watering pots.