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Variegated Plants

Inna's Mix 2.0

Inna's Mix 2.0

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Got a plant obsession? Remember when overwatering was the norm for you? Then you switched to hydro, and voila! Your plants thriving and flourishing. But post-pandemic life leaves (see what we did there? 😁) no time for mixing nutrients or rescuing dried-out plants. Enter Inna's Mix 2.0, the solution to streamline your plant care routine! 

Join the Hydroponic Revolution with Inna's Mix 2.0– the ultimate substrate! Unleash the potential of your plants with this exclusive blend. 

Inna's Mix will change color when dry or wet, so you know when to water your plant!

Lava Rocks - helps provide optimum drainage, has the additional bonus of being porous, will absorb and slow release excess water

Zeolite - enables a greater loading of plant nutrients such as nitrogen and micronutrients

Seramis - a clay from Germany that is cooked at high temperatures in order to give the granules a large porosity and lightness

Slow Release Nutrients -  a top-notch compound fertilizer with macronutrients and secondary nutrients, encased in control release granules

NPK : 11-2-12

DURATION : 4 - 5 months 

*it really depends on how often you water, and what kind of plant you plant in it

*for example an Alocasia takes up more nutrients than a Pothos

*please also consider the maturity of your plant, and the lighting conditions

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